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Getting a Better Job

One of the main reasons people pursue higher education is to get a better job. People are cynical and don’t think that it’s necessary. You come out of it with tremendous debt and no job.

Our goal is to help each other by sharing tips and tricks on how to land higher paying jobs and get out of debt before we are forty.

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Financial Tips on How to Spend Your Money Wisely in College

Being a college student is tough. You’ll encounter new challenges along the way specially about money. Some of us may struggle how to truly manage our money effectively. Below, we provided some financial tips for students like you to help you manage your funds during your college life.

Use Your Financial Aid Package Wisely

As students, our day will be filled with joy once we receive a financial aid award letter. Maybe it’s because of the big “Congratulations! Here’s *insert amount here*” written on the center.

It’s a good thing to receive a financial aid, but you have to pay attention on how to use it wisely. Once you have made some calculations on your college expenses, take a look at your award letter and see what scholarships are offered to you.

Now subtract the amount of money you received from grants and scholarships from your estimated calculations of your college expenses earlier. What’s left to you is the one you have to deal with.


This is Where Loans Will Come into Play

If you ever feel hopeless and really need the money to be able to attend school, then maybe this is the time to borrow student loans.

And when it’s time to borrow, don’t ever try to borrow money more than you need. The financial aid office may offer you a thousand dollars for you to borrow but only take the right amount that you only need.

You can evaluate each loan offered to you. Check things like interest rates, whether it’s subsidized or unsubsidized, and if it’s federal or private. Once you’ve decided what option to take, go to your school’s financial aid office and tell them the exact amount of the money you want to borrow.

Here’s an advantage of not borrowing much:

  1. You won’t have as much loan interest to pay back in the future.
  2. You’ll be able to control your money without splurging the extra money that you just borrowed.
  3. You’ll learn how to spend wisely so you don’t have any extra payments to make.

It’s not a bad thing to enjoy and buy something for yourself, you just have to be mindful on how to spend your money wisely to avoid any unexpected payments in the future.


Don’t Be Tempted! Get a Hold of Yourself

In college, you’ll experience freedom. Gone are the days where your parents will guide you on how to make certain decisions. It’s all up to you now.

Even though this feeling of freewill may be overwhelming for you, temptations will also make its way to empty your wallet. Once you have nothing left, you have to wait until next week to spend money again.

To overcome temptation, here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Make a Budget – It’s a simple rule that money students fail to follow. When you fail to manage your funds wisely, you might drain your account without even realizing it. So it’s important to spend your money wisely.
  • Don’t Stop Looking – Once you’ve started college, you can never see some grants and scholarships for you anymore. If you feel hopeless, don’t give up! Start looking for more financial aids. There are plenty of scholarships that are offered for upperclassmen and students who are pursuing certain majors.

Here are some tips to help you look for more financial aid:

  • Conduct a search about “Scholarships for upperclassmen”
  • Contact your financial aid staff and inquire for grants or scholarships they might have
  • Visit websites like FastWeb or Scholarships.com
  • Search for scholarships that’s in your given major or area of study
  • Join Finance Classes – Taking finance classes can help you gain knowledge how to invest or use your money in certain things. If finance classes aren’t available at your school, try going to your local bank and see if there are available. You can also find plenty of resources online for free.


Be wise on how you handle your funds. You can use these financial tips above to help you establish a plan. Take time to organize your finances and if you don’t know how, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Knowledge is the key to money management.

Essential Study Tips for Getting Good Grades

Start Your Day by Making a To-Do List

The pressure is on when you’ll be bombarded with upcoming tests and papers to pass that’s due within five days or so.

To keep everything organized, create a to-do list of the important things that you’ll only do in that day. Never pressure yourself by doing everything all at once in just one day. For example, you have a test tomorrow and an assignment to pass in the next day. Prioritize your test first before pressuring yourself with that paper that’s due the next day after. In this way, you can get things done slowly but surely.

Study a Subject at a Slow Pace

Studying a subject for less than an hour can give your brain a time to soak in all those information you have read. Research shows that students who leave 12-24 hours of interval in studying the same subject performs better memory recall. Unless if you’re in the middle of writing your paper then it’s ok to study that subject for an hour or two.

There may be times where you really have to study a subject for hours. If you do this, make sure to take a break here and there. If you don’t, you’ll be having a hard time to retain the information you have studied.

Test Yourself Before You Feel Ready

Testing yourself throughout the entire process and not just before taking a test is the best way to learn. As humans, we hate to be wrong and we try to spend a few more days of reading a lecture over and over again just to get the right answer.

But it’s ok to be wrong. Because when you do, your brain will make connections that it hadn’t made once you reveal the correct answer to yourself. These little connections work together to enhance your brain’s memory recall, making remembering things easier and can result to better grades.

Get Rid of the “I’ll Do It Later” Habit

If you ever feel lazy of doing your schoolwork, try telling yourself that you’ll do it for 5 minutes. If you’re not feeling what you’re doing and the 5 minutes are up, then go do something else.

But the funny part is, you can actually get the thing done instead. This is one of the common things we have as people. We struggle to find motivation to do things but once we start actually doing it, we can actually finish it in no time. So if you ever feel like “you’ll do it later” next time, use the 5-minute trick to get things done.

Use Tools or Products to Spruce Up Your Study Session

Technology is evolving over time that there’s so much more to studying than just holding your pen and paper to get things done.

The hardest part is finding the right thing for you to get the work done. If you’re into tech and want to use your phone or laptop as you partner during your study sessions, then here are some apps and gadgets that might help you:

  • Evernote Smart Notebook – Tired of doing the old school way of taking notes? Evernote Smart Notebook is here to save the day. You can use this notebook with the Evernote App to access instant features that can help you during your study sessions.
  • Fitbit Blaze – With this device, you can get call, text, messages, and calendar notifications all in one place that resides in your wrist. So for example, you’ve set a calendar reminder on your phone about an upcoming exam, Fitbit Blaze can notify you about that reminder without even checking your phone. Also, this device can track your fitness activities. Having a healthy body is equal to a healthy mind.
  • Amazon Echo – If you’re a tech geek that likes to control everything using your voice, then Amazon Echo is the right gadget for you. So for example, you want to listen to music while studying, you can just ask Amazon Echo to play your favorite playlist without even lifting your phone. Not just that, it can do so much more like opening apps, provide you with weather info, gives you real-time traffic data and more.

Keep Pushing for the Better

It’s up to you on how well you’ll do in your college life. There are a lot of college tips that’s scattered around the web and it’s your choice if you apply these tips on yourself. Or you can just follow the same generic advice you’ve heard over and over again throughout the years.

Start making your own goals and must-dos for yourself. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to try things that you think is accountable for you. Use your mind to think deeper and differently. You’ll eventually notice an improvement in your memory recall skills, making you get better grades and as long as you apply these best study tips.

15 Tips to Be Successful in your College Life

Having trouble keeping up in your college life? Worry no more as today we’re going to provide you some college tips to help you be productive, increase your skills to do well in class, and sharpen your mindset to maintain a healthy state to ensure you enjoy your college life at the fullest. Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to read these 15 tips on how to become successful in your college life.

  1. Always attend classes

  • We can never avoid getting sick sometimes. So if ever you’re falling behind in class, make sure to ask your classmates for some notes as soon as possible. Don’t ever try to come late, always come to class on time.
  1. Get to know your classmates

  • It’s important to socialize with your classmates. Earn their trust, make friends, and ask for their contact number. Just in case you can’t make it to class, you can ask your newly-made friends for questions or even ask to copy their notes in case you missed something.
  1. Keep your files inside a folder

  • It’s advisable to keep all your important class notes and files into one folder. In case you need them again in the future, you don’t have to scramble everything in your room just to find them because they’re already in one place.
  1. Never use your phone in class

  • Your phone is one of the biggest distraction when you’re inside the class. So keeping them away when you’re in class can help you focus more on what’s going on in the lecture.
  1. Sit in the front

  • Sitting in the front means you’re eager to learn what the teacher will discuss. It can also allow you to engage with your teacher directly since he/she can see you easily.
  1. Join a club

  • Live your college life to the fullest by joining clubs. By joining clubs, you can engage in school activities and meet new people and make new friends.
  1. Grab an opportunity even if it’s not for you

  • Different opportunities will be opened once you’re in college. If you’re having doubts if this is the right thing for you, just try to grab it and take the chance. There’s nothing wrong if you try.
  1. Take time to do the things you love

  • Never let yourself be pressured on drowning yourself with schoolwork. Set aside all your homework and study material for a while and play what you want, sing your heart out, cook what you want to eat, play a sport, and etc.
  1. Eat Healthy Everyday

  • Eating the right choice of foods can help you increase your energy levels, increase your focus, keep you stress-free, and more.
  1. Get Enough Sleep

  • Don’t let yourself get into the state of over fatigue. Take a break and rest. If you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, go to sleep. An average of 6-8 hours of sleep a day is important so that you’ll have the energy when you wake up.
  1. Set your goals

  • Jot down your goals in life to keep you motivated to push more throughout college. Put it on your wall so you can read it every day.
  1. Go easy on your money

  • Don’t overspend too much. Save as much money as you can to keep your financial status healthy. We never know, you can use this money for unexpected emergencies or for paying your bills.
  1. Make use of the library

  • Not everything can be found on the web. If you’re feeling hopeless of finding that important info you’ve been looking for hours, take time to visit the library. The library can help you find important information that the internet cannot offer. It can also help you aid for properly citing sources in your paper.
  1. Volunteer in organizations

  • There’s nothing better than to help others in times of need. Volunteering in such school activities is also beneficial for you and can help you find a better job in the future. If employers can see in your resume that you’re active during your college days, chances of getting employed are high.
  1. Take the path that’s less traveled by

  • Remember the quote made by Robert Frost about choosing the path that’s less traveled by? You can also apply this during your college life. A lot of people are following the majority. Make yourself unique, choose the path that’s less traveled by and you’ll find yourself more happier.


The college tips listed above are essential for a successful college life. If you apply these tips in your life, you’ll notice something different is happening. You’ll see your college life grow more and more and getting better than you have imagined. Keep pushing forward and never stop being the ambitious student you are.

10 College Dorm Safety Tips

College life is exciting. You’ll learn how to be responsible on your own, meet new people, and encounter new challenges. However, statistics shows that college students are prone to being victims of such crimes. So it’s important to take care of yourself and be careful in times like these. Today, we’re going to provide you 10 safety tips for dorm living.

  1. Let your friends and family know your routine

  • Keep your friends and family from worrying by providing them a copy of your class and work schedule. Just in case something happens, they’ll know where to find you.
  1. Lock the door

  • Even if you’ll just go out for a minute, never forget to lock the door. Don’t give your key or a copy of your key to someone else. And if you do lose the key, it’s advisable to change the lock as soon as possible. Your roommate should have his/her own key too for safety purposes.
  1. Lock your windows

  • Don’t forget to lock your windows when sleeping or going out from your dorm room. This can keep intruders from entering your doom room.
  1. Keep the door closed for strangers

  • Even if you’ve grown up and lived on your own, this golden rule you learned from home is still important. Always verify who’s on the other side of the door before turning that doorknob. Some dorm rooms have peep holes installed for you to use.
  1. Don’t flash your valuables

  • Keep your valuables out of sight especially if you’re sharing a room with someone. Get a diversion safe to keep your items. This type of safe is disguised to look like common everyday items such as a book on the shelf. You can use this safe to keep your money, credit cards, jewelry, and any valuable items.
  1. Install a cheap door alarm

  • The building may have its own security alarm system, but it isn’t a bad thing to add extra security to your dorm room by installing a door alarm. You can get some door alarms that’s easy for the wallet. These type of door alarms emits a loud sound once an intruder tries to break into your room.
  1. Windows alarm to double the security

  • If that door alarm isn’t enough, it’s time to get an affordable window alarm too. This alarm can trigger loud sounds once an intruder opens your window. Which alarms everyone that someone is trying to break in inside your room.


  1. Keep a can of self-defense spray with you

  • These pepper spray that are used by women to attack rapists can also be useful to defend yourself. In case of unexpected happenings, always carry a pepper spray with you.
  1. Know your dorm’s emergency routes

  • It’s a good idea to know your dorm’s safety exits especially when unexpected emergencies will happen. Jot down all the emergency numbers on your dorm and save them to your phone so you can use it later in case you need help.
  1. Run for the elevator

  • Attackers may take advantage of stairwells because of its secluded and confined space, making them go for easy targets. Also, if you ever feel uncomfortable when using the elevator with another person, get out on the next floor. If you’re about to get on the elevator and the current occupants make you feel uneasy, then wait for the next elevator.


Always make safety your priority. It’s okay to be cautious sometimes because we don’t want to put ourselves in harm. College life is the most exciting part of your life and we’ll do anything to make good memories out of it.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Engineering in College

Engineering has been the center of research for as long as it’s been around. Some individuals whose expertise are on math and sciences decided to check on engineering as a significant in school. Engineering has a lot of math. And it’s not the math you’ll find in your high school. College-level calculus programs is far more intense and requires a lot of time to solve. This also applies to science. High school science is far more difficult than college science, and gets harder from time to time as the years goes by. So if you try to enter engineering, it’s better to prepare yourself. If you’re already struggling during high school, how much more now that you’re in engineering college. But if you really love to choose engineering because you feel that it’s your heart’s calling, then you’ll have to do whatever it takes to earn that degree.

Choose Wisely in Choosing Your Major

Another important thing to take note at is what kind of engineering major you want to pursue. There are a lot of engineering programs that you can choose from. We have the Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, and the list goes on. In your first year in college, it’s okay If you can’t decide yet what major to pursue since most engineering subjects during your first year are almost the same. But when you reach the third semester, now’s the time to decide what you wish to pursue since this is the time where you begin to take lessons on your chosen course.

It’s okay to change your decision early just in case you’ll discover that your present decision is not the right one for you. Changing majors during your first or second semester is not a big of a deal. However, the longer you wait, the more extra lessons you’ll have to keep up.

The Pros and Cons of Engineering

Every thing in this world has an advantage and disadvantage. And it also applies to engineering. Now that you’ve decided what engineering major to take, it’s time to know the pros and cons of the course. And it’s up for you to decide if you want to pursue it or not.



  • High Salary – In Engineering, you’ll likely earn a bigger paycheck compared to other courses. If you check the website Payscale.com and see their list of top 10 school majors that has the best salaries, you’ll be surprised that 7 of them are engineering-related.
  • Diversity – There are a lot of engineering majors that you can choose from. So whatever your heart wants, you can choose the best engineering major that’s right for you. Also, some of the lessons are often similar, giving you extra time to focus on an alternative subject of a different engineering major.
  • Job Availability – Most students don’t graduate with a level in engineering due to a lackluster curriculum. This means that there are less competitors after commencement. Engineering is also a subject that develops from time to time as new expertise are rising up. Which results to more extra jobs turning into open.



  • Harsh Curriculum – If you think engineering is easy, then you’ll have to think again. Engineering requires a lot of hard work. So if you want to acquire that sweet engineering diploma, you have to do an intense amount of laborious work.
  • Expensive – There are some other courses that are easy for the wallet, and then here comes engineering to tear your wallet apart. If you want high quality and excellent engineering education, you also need to squeeze your wallet to pay more. Some high quality educations are so expensive that makes you want to choose another course instead.

Studying Tips on How to Survive Trade School and College

Going to college or trade school can be challenging. You have to choose wisely where you want to go and what course you want to take so that you’ll do well throughout your entire school life. There’s a fine line between going to college and doing well in college. Getting inside college is not enough, you have to work hard to stay there. Today, we’re going to show you tips on how to survive your college or trade school student life.

Characteristics to Become a Successful College Student

It’s time to ready yourself before you enter college. College is not just like high school. There are some traits that people are born with which leads to college success, while other traits can be learned. Below, here are the different character traits to become a successful student.

  • Hardworking – In college, you may encounter some easy and hard classes. But most often, hard classes. But if you are motivated and will push through what it takes to get the job done, then you’re good to go.
  • Engaged – Engaging in such activities throughout your entire college life is a good thing. You’re present in all your classes, you enjoy participating in events and stuff, and you learn from your mistakes that you may have made. Raising your hand in class is a head turner. You exist, and you’re prepared to learn everything what college throws at you.
  • Goal-Oriented – Even though you had fun throughout your entire college life, you’re there for one reason. And that is the goal you want to achieve. A goal that keeps you motivated to push forward and do something more.
  • Self-Discipline – during hard times, you only have yourself to answer all your questions and yourself to blame. You need to learn how to understand yourself and how to discipline it.
  • Persistence – The road ahead will be rough, but you use that as a key to push yourself harder. School requires a lot of extra effort, and you’re not afraid to face it no matter what it takes.
  • Curious – Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? Well, curiosity won’t get you killed, but it will make you smarter. Through curiosity, you’ll be able to know and conquer the world around you through your observations.

Balance Everything

Studying for 2 to 3 hours per semester hour is equivalent to a full time job. Say for example, you have 15 hours worth of classes, that means you have 30-45 hours of remaining time to study your books. As you can see, you don’t have much time through an entire week, but just school and study. Add in your part-time or full-time job and you’ll be missing out on your social life. If you think this is too much to bear for a student like you, think again. You’ll be fine as long as you balance the following:

  • Social Media – Opening your social media apps can be tempting. Once you go there, you can never go back. It’s advisable to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media accounts you have until your work is done.
  • Video Games – Once you dive in to the world of video games, time flies so fast. And you’ll never notice that you have exams to study, assignments to answer, and classes to take. Try playing video games during the weekends during your spare time. Or you can binge-play after studying a hard topic as a reward.
  • Drinking – In our college life, college parties are also present, and so as alcohol. If you want to unwind and let loose of yourself, it’s a good thing not to do it when you’re loaded with schoolwork.

The Tips and Tricks for a Successful Study Time

Some of us may already have implemented study habits from the beginning. But if you’re one of those having a hard time how to study successfully, don’t ever try to give up because there’s still room for improvement. Having good study habits can result to good grades. Below, we’re going to provide you some effective study tips for you to follow.

  1. Take time to talk to your teachers
  • Getting to know your teachers is very important so they can help you during times of need. Participate in class discussions, lend time to talk to your instructor before or after class. And earn their trust so they can help you along the way.
  1. Check your syllabus on the first day of class
  • Everything that’s going to happen in an entire semester is already printed on your syllabus. So it’s better to check it once you got it in the first day of class so that you’ll be prepared on what’s next.
  1. Jot down important notes
  • You cannot cram everything in your head, so it’s important to jot down important class lessons and details. You can also try recording the whole lecture and transcribe it later when you get home.
  1. Don’t cram for upcoming exams
  • You’ll be having a hard time remembering everything when you try to cram all of it in just one night. Study as you go, don’t wait for the last minute. Studying a little bit day by day will give you a high chance of retaining the information.
  1. Work your writing skills
  • Writing is a vital aspect in our life inside the school. If you have trouble writing, you can go for writing labs and writing tutors.


  1. Make a schedule for your study time
  • Your time is very limited especially if you’re a student. So it’s better to pick a schedule for your study session to avoid interfering on your other activities. Don’t have time to study in the morning? Pick a schedule in the evening. Or if you’re a morning person, you can plan your study session in the morning instead. Once you follow your schedule regularly, it’ll become a part of your routine.


  1. Get some sleep
  • Getting a 6 to 8 hours of sleep can help you sustain yourself. It’s important to rest so that you’ll have the energy to do things more once you wake up.
  1. Always attend classes
  • There may be instances where you’ll miss an enjoyable occasion just because you’re at class. But think again and see what’s important for you. Education is more important than anything else. You’ll likely fall behind if you just miss one lecture so it’s important to stay in class.
  1. Take advantage of flash cards
  • You may think that having flash cards as study material is so elementary. But did you know that it can also help you during your college life? Start loving flash cards again to help yourself through your study sessions.
  1. Take a break
  • If you ever feel tired on all the books and papers that are shoved into your face, it’s time to take a break for a while. Having 10 minutes break for every study session is good for you. Get out and go get some fresh air. Do whatever you want for 10 minutes and then get back to studying once you feel refreshed again.


The most important thing is, enjoy your education life to the fullest. If you have a good start on your trade or college school life, you’ll likely have a successful and fun education that’s really worth it. If you have a rough start, don’t worry. There’s still time for change. You just have to take what’s going to work for you and what’s not; it may take some trial and error but you’ll eventually get there.

Budgeting as a College Student

College costs a great deal of money: that’s no secret. But that does not mean you have to get yourself into substantial amounts of debt. You can also budget and wisely try to get educational, economic aid to be able to get cash for college expenses. Possibly consider hiring an accountant in las vegas or someone to help manage your money.

The expenses of College can quickly add-up, and it can all seem overwhelming. Consider:

– Fees and Tuition
– Books and Stationary
– Board and Room
– Software and computers
– Transportation
– Personal Expenses
– Medical

The above is merely the main things you will have to pay for throughout the years of yours of study. This naturally provides up to lots of money – an amount which may look overwhelming!

You will find two ways to get cash for college costs, and you must utilize them both:

1. Budget wisely
2. Get a scholarship or perhaps grant

You definitely must learn to budget the money of yours. At the same time, you must attempt to obtain a grant or maybe scholarships as this is free money that can quickly be put towards some of the above expenditures. This could reduce how much of your funds you are going to need to contribute.

Budgeting for College Use a pc software like Excel, and on occasion even a pen along with paper to record your earnings and expenses. Work out just how much you can afford to invest and what things you can sacrifice.

Do not forget to include essentials like food, bills, and gas!

Obtaining a Scholarship or perhaps Grant Talk to the preferred college about any specific applications they’ve gone. Additionally, there are exterior grants and scholarships out there and so do not restrict yourself regarding which ones you use for – the greater, the better.

What would the world be like without education?

The process of learning and educating yourself is not something that you can wish away. While learning happens even for animals, it is true the learning is something that is inescapable for human beings. Right from the creation of mankind, the very first day of his life, his search began. With every discovery, he added meaning to his life and his existence on earth. For some reason, he was always at the top of the food chain and the predominant force that operates the ecosystem. Technology, I would say, is the child of the education. If science isn’t possible without formal education and learning, we are here to talk about how the world would be without this education system.

The absence of civilisation:

The world has seen a lot of civilisations. People have framed a system for themselves to live and they live by principles. People who were nothing more than animals started to lead a life that was very much ahead of time. This was possible only when people started framing rules and regulations to lead a civilised life, and it was when culture was born.

Illogical beliefs:

Today it is quite hard to believe that people feared the existence of flights. They thought flights were a symbol of war and dreaded it. Now things have changed a lot. With the help of education, we have killed a lot of unreasonable and superstitious beliefs. This wouldn’t have been possible without the growth of education and development of science.

No History and humanity:

Great men say that we learn and preserve history so that we will not kill ourselves. Without this learning, history and humanity wouldn’t have been possible. The concept of civilisation, culture, history and humanity are all inter-related.

Zero Technology:

It is true that man discovered fire and wheel even before he discovered science. But with the benefit of education, we have a long way off from flint stones and rubber tubes. We have gotten into a world that is much more mechanical than we thought it would be. Without education, the tremendous growth of technology that we have seen in front of our eyes would have been just a mirage without education.

Is a world without education possible?

Yes, it is true that the world would be filled with all the above-listed factors without education. But again there arises a question as to whether a world without education is even possible. Not even in our wildest dreams can we imagine a world without education. However, it isn’t believable, and moreover, man couldn’t have survived without education. With evolution, human life has always changed for good. No one till today can place fingers on a particular date back in history and say that this was when the concept of education was constituted. Certain things that take place in the world are inevitable and so is education. Someday or the other we would have gotten into it. Know More

Formal Education vs. Life Education: Which would you say is better?

People say that experience is the best teacher. The things that you learn from experience are the ones that come along with you for a longer time, and they stay deep-rooted inside you. However, you can ignore the concept of formal education. In case if experience is the only thing that supports human life then there would be no need for schools and other educational institutions. There is always a great debate between formal education and life education. Here we are going to see an excerpt from this global debate. Which side shall we take? Let us move further to know more.

What is formal education?

Formal education is the 16 or 17 years of education that we formally have under a roof with a teacher to facilitate our learning. We are given with books, and our capacity is ranked based on the performance that we show in our exams. Our marks decide our fates and the biggest part of our childhood and youth life are spent in education. Using the theoretical knowledge that we have learnt so far we look for a job opportunity and settle in life.  This is how the formal education protocol works.

What is Life education?

Life education is a bit different from formal education. What you learn out your life experiences form a major part of your life education. We rightly began speaking quoting the proverb that experience is the best. No matter how well you learn something theoretically, you attain complete knowledge only when you encounter it in real life. While formal education can only help you clear your exams, life education will teach you to the cross the hardships of your life with ease.

Life education vs. Formal Education:

In case if I have to put my though across bluntly, I strongly feel that life education and formal education aren’t two different things that you can distinguish and see. I strongly feel that they have to go together. Given an option to choose between life education and formal education, I don’t think one can choose this over that or even if the person is going to do so he or she cannot validate such choice.  While formal education will refine your knowledge and make you are better person, life education will refine your whole self and make you a better human.

On the other hand life, education and formal education aren’t two different things. You need the support of one to make the other fall on the right track. For instance, an educated person’s way of seeing things might be different from an illiterate viewing his life experiences. At the same time, a person with plain theoretical knowledge cannot survive in a world that is dynamic in nature. It is one the wheels of both the education types one can move his life vehicle.