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On this site we aim to help people become better students. Usually this stems from learning how to:

  • Study efficiently
  • Take better notes
  • Talk with Teaching Aids
  • Getting Organized

Getting a Better Job

One of the main reasons people pursue higher education is to get a better job. People are cynical and don’t think that it’s necessary. You come out of it with tremendous debt and no job.

Our goal is to help each other by sharing tips and tricks on how to land higher paying jobs and get out of debt before we are forty.

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Budgeting as a College Student

College costs a great deal of money: that’s no secret. But that does not mean you have to get yourself into substantial amounts of debt. You can also budget and wisely try to get educational, economic aid to be able to get cash for college expenses. Possibly consider hiring an accountant in las vegas or someone to help manage your money.

The expenses of College can quickly add-up, and it can all seem overwhelming. Consider:

– Fees and Tuition
– Books and Stationary
– Board and Room
– Software and computers
– Transportation
– Personal Expenses
– Medical

The above is merely the main things you will have to pay for throughout the years of yours of study. This naturally provides up to lots of money – an amount which may look overwhelming!

You will find two ways to get cash for college costs, and you must utilize them both:

1. Budget wisely
2. Get a scholarship or perhaps grant

You definitely must learn to budget the money of yours. At the same time, you must attempt to obtain a grant or maybe scholarships as this is free money that can quickly be put towards some of the above expenditures. This could reduce how much of your funds you are going to need to contribute.

Budgeting for College Use a pc software like Excel, and on occasion even a pen along with paper to record your earnings and expenses. Work out just how much you can afford to invest and what things you can sacrifice.

Do not forget to include essentials like food, bills, and gas!

Obtaining a Scholarship or perhaps Grant Talk to the preferred college about any specific applications they’ve gone. Additionally, there are exterior grants and scholarships out there and so do not restrict yourself regarding which ones you use for – the greater, the better.

What would the world be like without education?

The process of learning and educating yourself is not something that you can wish away. While learning happens even for animals, it is true the learning is something that is inescapable for human beings. Right from the creation of mankind, the very first day of his life, his search began. With every discovery, he added meaning to his life and his existence on earth. For some reason, he was always at the top of the food chain and the predominant force that operates the ecosystem. Technology, I would say, is the child of the education. If science isn’t possible without formal education and learning, we are here to talk about how the world would be without this education system.

The absence of civilisation:

The world has seen a lot of civilisations. People have framed a system for themselves to live and they live by principles. People who were nothing more than animals started to lead a life that was very much ahead of time. This was possible only when people started framing rules and regulations to lead a civilised life, and it was when culture was born.

Illogical beliefs:

Today it is quite hard to believe that people feared the existence of flights. They thought flights were a symbol of war and dreaded it. Now things have changed a lot. With the help of education, we have killed a lot of unreasonable and superstitious beliefs. This wouldn’t have been possible without the growth of education and development of science.

No History and humanity:

Great men say that we learn and preserve history so that we will not kill ourselves. Without this learning, history and humanity wouldn’t have been possible. The concept of civilisation, culture, history and humanity are all inter-related.

Zero Technology:

It is true that man discovered fire and wheel even before he discovered science. But with the benefit of education, we have a long way off from flint stones and rubber tubes. We have gotten into a world that is much more mechanical than we thought it would be. Without education, the tremendous growth of technology that we have seen in front of our eyes would have been just a mirage without education.

Is a world without education possible?

Yes, it is true that the world would be filled with all the above-listed factors without education. But again there arises a question as to whether a world without education is even possible. Not even in our wildest dreams can we imagine a world without education. However, it isn’t believable, and moreover, man couldn’t have survived without education. With evolution, human life has always changed for good. No one till today can place fingers on a particular date back in history and say that this was when the concept of education was constituted. Certain things that take place in the world are inevitable and so is education. Someday or the other we would have gotten into it. Know More

Formal Education vs. Life Education: Which would you say is better?

People say that experience is the best teacher. The things that you learn from experience are the ones that come along with you for a longer time, and they stay deep-rooted inside you. However, you can ignore the concept of formal education. In case if experience is the only thing that supports human life then there would be no need for schools and other educational institutions. There is always a great debate between formal education and life education. Here we are going to see an excerpt from this global debate. Which side shall we take? Let us move further to know more.

What is formal education?

Formal education is the 16 or 17 years of education that we formally have under a roof with a teacher to facilitate our learning. We are given with books, and our capacity is ranked based on the performance that we show in our exams. Our marks decide our fates and the biggest part of our childhood and youth life are spent in education. Using the theoretical knowledge that we have learnt so far we look for a job opportunity and settle in life.  This is how the formal education protocol works.

What is Life education?

Life education is a bit different from formal education. What you learn out your life experiences form a major part of your life education. We rightly began speaking quoting the proverb that experience is the best. No matter how well you learn something theoretically, you attain complete knowledge only when you encounter it in real life. While formal education can only help you clear your exams, life education will teach you to the cross the hardships of your life with ease.

Life education vs. Formal Education:

In case if I have to put my though across bluntly, I strongly feel that life education and formal education aren’t two different things that you can distinguish and see. I strongly feel that they have to go together. Given an option to choose between life education and formal education, I don’t think one can choose this over that or even if the person is going to do so he or she cannot validate such choice.  While formal education will refine your knowledge and make you are better person, life education will refine your whole self and make you a better human.

On the other hand life, education and formal education aren’t two different things. You need the support of one to make the other fall on the right track. For instance, an educated person’s way of seeing things might be different from an illiterate viewing his life experiences. At the same time, a person with plain theoretical knowledge cannot survive in a world that is dynamic in nature. It is one the wheels of both the education types one can move his life vehicle.