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The Pros and Cons of Choosing Engineering in College

Engineering has been the center of research for as long as it’s been around. Some individuals whose expertise are on math and sciences decided to check on engineering as a significant in school. Engineering has a lot of math. And it’s not the math you’ll find in your high school. College-level calculus programs is far more intense and requires a lot of time to solve. This also applies to science. High school science is far more difficult than college science, and gets harder from time to time as the years goes by. So if you try to enter engineering, it’s better to prepare yourself. If you’re already struggling during high school, how much more now that you’re in engineering college. But if you really love to choose engineering because you feel that it’s your heart’s calling, then you’ll have to do whatever it takes to earn that degree.

Choose Wisely in Choosing Your Major

Another important thing to take note at is what kind of engineering major you want to pursue. There are a lot of engineering programs that you can choose from. We have the Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, and the list goes on. In your first year in college, it’s okay If you can’t decide yet what major to pursue since most engineering subjects during your first year are almost the same. But when you reach the third semester, now’s the time to decide what you wish to pursue since this is the time where you begin to take lessons on your chosen course.

It’s okay to change your decision early just in case you’ll discover that your present decision is not the right one for you. Changing majors during your first or second semester is not a big of a deal. However, the longer you wait, the more extra lessons you’ll have to keep up.

The Pros and Cons of Engineering

Every thing in this world has an advantage and disadvantage. And it also applies to engineering. Now that you’ve decided what engineering major to take, it’s time to know the pros and cons of the course. And it’s up for you to decide if you want to pursue it or not.



  • High Salary – In Engineering, you’ll likely earn a bigger paycheck compared to other courses. If you check the website and see their list of top 10 school majors that has the best salaries, you’ll be surprised that 7 of them are engineering-related.
  • Diversity – There are a lot of engineering majors that you can choose from. So whatever your heart wants, you can choose the best engineering major that’s right for you. Also, some of the lessons are often similar, giving you extra time to focus on an alternative subject of a different engineering major.
  • Job Availability – Most students don’t graduate with a level in engineering due to a lackluster curriculum. This means that there are less competitors after commencement. Engineering is also a subject that develops from time to time as new expertise are rising up. Which results to more extra jobs turning into open.



  • Harsh Curriculum – If you think engineering is easy, then you’ll have to think again. Engineering requires a lot of hard work. So if you want to acquire that sweet engineering diploma, you have to do an intense amount of laborious work.
  • Expensive – There are some other courses that are easy for the wallet, and then here comes engineering to tear your wallet apart. If you want high quality and excellent engineering education, you also need to squeeze your wallet to pay more. Some high quality educations are so expensive that makes you want to choose another course instead.