Formal Education vs. Life Education: Which would you say is better?

People say that experience is the best teacher. The things that you learn from experience are the ones that come along with you for a longer time, and they stay deep-rooted inside you. However, you can ignore the concept of formal education. In case if experience is the only thing that supports human life then there would be no need for schools and other educational institutions. There is always a great debate between formal education and life education. Here we are going to see an excerpt from this global debate. Which side shall we take? Let us move further to know more.

What is formal education?

Formal education is the 16 or 17 years of education that we formally have under a roof with a teacher to facilitate our learning. We are given with books, and our capacity is ranked based on the performance that we show in our exams. Our marks decide our fates and the biggest part of our childhood and youth life are spent in education. Using the theoretical knowledge that we have learnt so far we look for a job opportunity and settle in life.  This is how the formal education protocol works.

What is Life education?

Life education is a bit different from formal education. What you learn out your life experiences form a major part of your life education. We rightly began speaking quoting the proverb that experience is the best. No matter how well you learn something theoretically, you attain complete knowledge only when you encounter it in real life. While formal education can only help you clear your exams, life education will teach you to the cross the hardships of your life with ease.

Life education vs. Formal Education:

In case if I have to put my though across bluntly, I strongly feel that life education and formal education aren’t two different things that you can distinguish and see. I strongly feel that they have to go together. Given an option to choose between life education and formal education, I don’t think one can choose this over that or even if the person is going to do so he or she cannot validate such choice.  While formal education will refine your knowledge and make you are better person, life education will refine your whole self and make you a better human.

On the other hand life, education and formal education aren’t two different things. You need the support of one to make the other fall on the right track. For instance, an educated person’s way of seeing things might be different from an illiterate viewing his life experiences. At the same time, a person with plain theoretical knowledge cannot survive in a world that is dynamic in nature. It is one the wheels of both the education types one can move his life vehicle.