Office coffee makers designed for the workplace

Keep your team fueled, happy and focused with coffee makers designed for the workplace. From traditional office coffee pots to airpots, single-cup brewers to espresso machines, there’s a model that suits every type of breakroom.

Most models offer basic brewing options but some also have programmability and a built-in grinder. This makes it easy for everyone to make their favorite coffee, when they want it.

High Volume Brewers

Larger workplaces need high volume brewers that can handle a higher number of brews at once. These machines can brew up to 3 to 10 gallons at once, ensuring that everyone in the office gets their daily dose of caffeine. High-capacity brewers also offer quick heat-up times, meaning that employees can get their coffee quickly without waiting too long for a pot to brew.

The right machine for your business will depend on a variety of factors. Look for one that offers a range of drink options, including coffee and tea, to accommodate different tastes and preferences. Then choose the option that’s best for your budget and needs.

A thermal shuttle brewer is an ideal choice for offices with a larger number of coffee drinkers because it can produce 1.5 to 3 gallons at a time, or 16 to 32 12 oz cup servings. This brewer uses preheated thermal containers, so the coffee does not get “overcooked” during transportation or at the point of serving, making it a great solution for busy offices.

Single serve machines offer a wide variety of beverages at an affordable price point, which makes them a popular choice for office breakrooms. These machines use pods and packets to brew each individual cup of coffee, providing you with a vast array of flavors and types of joe to please every employee’s taste buds. Some of the most popular options include Green Mountain Coffee, Caribou and Starbucks coffee pods and Mars Drinks packs.

For a more premium experience, consider a bean-to-cup brewer. These machines rely on a grinding mechanism to create each cup of coffee, and can provide you with artisan-roasted beans that rival those from premier coffeehouses. They’re also available at a wide range of price points, so you can find a machine to suit your office’s budget.

Another factor to consider when selecting a commercial coffee maker is the amount of space it takes up on your breakroom counter. If you have limited space, opt for a small batch brewer like the Wilbur Curtis G3 Single or twin, which is compact enough to fit in even tight spaces. These brewers also feature advanced controls and settings, which can be important if you’re running a gourmet office coffee program that offers a variety of specialized drinks.

Liquid Coffee

If you want to have your employees’ favorite coffee drink options without having to worry about brewing or refilling pots, consider liquid coffee. This option is available in many different flavors and sizes, and it allows you to dispense drinks quickly. Liquid coffee can also be a great solution for situations when large numbers of people need to be served coffee at once, such as catering or events.

There are a number of different liquid coffee systems available on the market, some with a peristaltic pump and others with a powder mixing delivery system. Some systems are also combination machines, meaning that they can mix in other ingredients such as milk and sugar to make a customized beverage before delivering it to the cup. Choosing a machine that offers a variety of drink options is key to helping your employees feel inspired and energized while they work.

The caffeine in coffee is a great stimulant that heightens brain activity, gets nutrients flowing to the brain and helps fight off sleepiness and focus. This can help employees stay energized and productive throughout the day without having to take long breaks. Additionally, research suggests that coffee can improve reaction times and mental clarity. These are all great benefits to offer your employees, and it will show that you care about their wellbeing and that you value them as workers.

Offering coffee at the workplace can also help to promote teamwork and build relationships between departments or teams who may not normally interact. Employees can gather at the coffee machine in the morning or during their break and discuss projects and ideas with each other. This can increase collaboration, communication and cohesion within the office and is another reason why you should have a high-quality, efficient coffee machine in your workplace.

Single Serve

If you’re looking for a coffee machine to fit in the smallest spaces or for those who prefer to grab their cup of joe on the go, consider a single serve coffee maker. These machines can be used with pre-packaged coffee pods or ground coffee and offer multiple brewing options. You can even find machines that brew specialty coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

When shopping for a one cup coffee maker, there are many features to consider including size, cleaning capabilities and the types of beverages it can make. Some machines have a removable water reservoir, while others have a built-in tank. Consider how often you’ll need to fill it and whether or not it’s easy to access. For those concerned about the environment, you may want to select a model that is more energy efficient – but what’s still the most important for this stuff would be picking one designed specifically for an office.

Another important feature to consider is the type of brewing method. Some single-serve coffee makers utilize single-use, pre-portioned coffee pods like K-Cups, while others use ground coffee in a tea bag-like filter. Typically, these machines are able to brew a single serving of coffee within two minutes.

Lastly, you’ll want to be aware of the maintenance requirements of your coffee machine. These include daily wiping and rinsing, as well as descaling every six months or so. The latter task is necessary to remove minerals from the water that could otherwise affect brewing temperature and taste.

Purchasing a single-serve coffee maker is a great way to cut down on the time you spend preparing and enjoying your favorite beverage. However, it’s also essential to shop around and find a machine that offers the features you’re looking for at the right price point. For example, you’ll find that some single-serve coffee makers are less expensive than others, but it’s also important to consider the up-front cost as well as the cost of supplies such as coffee pods or grounds. In addition, it’s helpful to know how many cups of coffee or tea you’ll be brewing each day in order to estimate on-going costs for budgeting purposes.


Most employees need their daily dose of caffeine to stay energized and focused. Office coffee machines allow them to avoid the hassle of stopping by a coffee shop or getting a cup from a coworker. The best commercial coffee makers also make it easy to brew a single cup or an entire pot, so you can find the perfect beverage for any employee’s taste.

If you’re looking for a programmable office coffee maker to help your team get through the day, consider this one from Miele. It allows you to set the time for brewing up to 24 hours ahead, so you can wake up to fresh, hot coffee every morning. It also features a Brew Pause function for those times when an employee needs to grab a quick cup before the carafe is done brewing. The machine also has a thermal carafe, which helps keep the coffee hot longer and reduces the risk of overheating.

Other coffee makers offer more advanced settings, such as customizable brew strength or temperature and automatic grind adjustment. This can be a plus for coffee lovers who prefer to customize their drink according to the type of beans they’re using. Some models also have the option of brewing coffee directly into a pitcher rather than a carafe, which can be more convenient for offices that serve large numbers of people at a time.

For those looking for a touch of luxury, there are even coffee brewers that can create lattes and cappuccinos. These professional quality machines force pressurized hot water through finely ground beans to create a strong shot of espresso or other specialty drinks. Some of these models even feature a milk frother for creating rich foam for cappuccinos or lattes.

In addition to delivering high-quality beverages, office coffee makers can also help boost employee morale and encourage social interaction during breaks. Workers can gather around the machine to chat about their personal lives, which can provide a much-needed respite from intense work pressures and help them feel like they belong to a community.

Choosing the right office coffee maker will depend on your budget, space and employee’s preferences.